Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A 5 goal shock to Real Madrid

In the most popular and most waited clash of the two top football teams FC Barcelona and the Real Madrid (El Clasico), Barca showed its real talent and charged a total of 5 goals. In the early 10th minute of the game, Xavi scored for Barca with the help of Messi's pass and kept Real into pressure. Then again in the 18th minute, Pedro scored the second goal for Barcelona keeping Real into real pressure. The Real Madrid football players were quite frustrated by the second goal, and they also didn't have accurate passing of ball among the players.
Barcelona was not satisfied with that much. As a result, David Villa scored two goals in the 50th and the 58th minute giving Real Madrid a deep shock. The ball was in Barca's foot most of the time. Cristiano Ronaldo could not show his game due to which Real Madrid's play was not much praisable.
Finally in the last minute of the game, a substitute player scored one more goal for Barcelona ending the game with the final score 5-0.
With this win, Barcelona gained 3 points and now is lifted to the top of the league table of La Liga. The end of the game went into some trouble because of the argument between players of the opposite teams. The referee use a red card and many yellows to control the game. Messi was also injured during the extra time.
Anyway it was a great game by Barcelona. The credit of the game mainly goes to Messi, Xavi and Inestia.

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