Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nepal vs Bangladesh results [Highlights] SAFF Championship 2011

Nepal thrashed Bangladesh  1 - 0  in the 9th SAFF Championship 2011 in JLN Stadium, New Delhi. The first match of the day was pretty interesting when both sides seem to create some real chances for goal. Jumanu Rai, Nepalese striker was replaced by
Santosh Shaukhala in the early first half of the game when Jumanu was injured.
The game went off pretty good although there were some faults from both the team and no attempts was turned into goal till the first half.
In the early second half, Bangladesh missed some real goal opportunities while Nepal was busy in defending itself. Then the game proceeded towards end with some substitutions from both sides. Both the teams were hungry for goal turning that one towards the victory. An additional time of 5 minutes was added and within that sort period Nepal turned out to be active and played attacking game. At the end of the additional time, Nepal got a golden opportunity of a free kick near the D-Box which was smoothly taken by Sagar Thapa, Nepalese team captain. This last chance of opportunity for Nepal to add 3 points to its account was turned out into reality when the free kick turned out to be a straight goal. With that goal, Nepalese supporters and the Players started enjoying their victory against Bangladesh.
With the end of this match, Nepal collected a total of 4 points and is in advantage.

You can watch the full time match in the link given below:
Full Match Video

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