Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nepal is confident of win over Maldives : Graham Roberts

Nepal National team is taking on Maldives in its opening match of SAF Championship tomorrow at 6:15 NST in New Delhi.  Graham Roberts said "I think I have told everything about our team. We are all ready. Boys' fitness level is in sky high. We had a very good training session this morning. We will go to the pitch this evening. We are

not worried about anything. Everything looks perfect and we are ready to go".

"Maldives may be the strong team but what I feel is I have faith on my players. My boys can win the match if they deliver their best. Boys need to do their duty", Coach Roberts added, "I am taking any match lightly.

All the matches against any team is going to difficult. We have to give our best to win any match".
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