Thursday, December 8, 2011

Semifinals SAFF Championship 2011

The semifinals of the SAFF Championship 2011 is being played on Friday, 9th December 2011 in New Delhi. Both the matches are to be played on the same day. From group A, Afghanistan and India are through
to the semifinals and Nepal and Maldives have made it up.

Semi Finals
India vs Maldives                 15:00  (Friday, 9th Dec)
Afghanistan vs Nepal           18:00  (Friday, 9th Dec)             Note: Time given are all local 

These matches will be available on this website for live streaming and hope you viewers will enjoy the Semifinals of the SAFF Championship. India have shown a great performance this season on SAFF scoring lots of goals whereas Maldives, the previous SAFF Championship winner are also fully equiped with talent. So the match is sure to be interesting more than we've imagined.

Similarly, Afghanistan has also shown these days their good performance and Nepal has been rising high giving its good quality performance as we have seen in its previous matches. Nepalese coach Graham Roberts, the English man has done his best to turn Nepal into a perfect team. Therefore, the second match is of great great importance to all the Nepalese as they are all hoping that Nepal takes this Championship. The Nepalese government has also encouraged their players by ensuring them that they get salary all life long if they come home winning this championship. 

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