Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fixtures [Schedule] Orange Africa Cup of Nations 2012

The greatest football festival for the Africans, Orange Africa Cup of Nations 2012 is starting on 21st January 2012. It is to be hosted by Gabon and Equatorial Guinea together and here is the fixture.

Group A: Guinea Eq, Libya, Senegal, Zambia
Group B: Cote D'Ivoire, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Angola
Group C: Gabon, Niger, Morocco, Tunisia
Group D: Ghana, Botswana, Mali, Guinea


Date           Match                   Venue

              Group A
1/21/12: Equatorial Guinea v Libya, Bata
1/21/12: Senegal v Zambia, Bata
1/25/12: Libya v Zambia, Bata
1/25/12: Equatorial Guinea v Senegal, Bata
1/29/12: Equatorial Guinea v Zambia, Malabo
1/29/12: Libya v Senegal, Bata

              Group B
1/22/12: Ivory Coast v Sudan, Malabo
1/22/12: Burkina Faso v Angola, Malabo
1/26/12: Sudan v Angola, Malabo
1/26/12: Ivory Coast v Burkina Faso, Malabo
1/30/12: Sudan v Burkina Faso, Bata
1/30/12: Ivory Coast v Angola, Malabo

                Group C
1/23/12: Gabon v Niger, Libreville
1/23/12: Morocco v Tunisia, Libreville
1/27/12: Niger v Tunisia, Libreville
1/27/12: Gabon v Morocco, Libreville
1/31/12: Gabon v Tunisia, Franceville
1/31/12: Niger v Morocco, Libreville

             Group D
1/24/12: Ghana v Botswana, Franceville
1/24/12: Mali v Guinea, Franceville
1/28/12: Botswana v Guinea, Franceville
1/28/12: Ghana v Mali, Franceville
2/01/12: Botswana v Mali, Libreville
2/01/12: Ghana v Guinea, Franceville

             Quarter Final
02/04/12: 1st A v 2nd B, Bata
02/04/12: 1st B v 2nd A, Malabo
02/05/12: 1st C v 2nd D, Libreville
02/05/12: 1st D v 2nd C, Franceville

        Semi Final
02/08/12: QF1 winner v QF4 winner, Bata
02/08/12: QF3 winner v QF2 winner, Libreville

02/12/2012, SF1 winner v SF2 winner, Libreville

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