Monday, June 27, 2011

Who is better? Messi or Pele

Brazilian great legend of football Pele insists that Argentian and Barcelona striker Lionel Messi has to break his highest goal record to be the greatest player of the football history.
Pele had scored one thousand two hundred and eight three (1283) goals in his football career being a part of Santos, New York cosmos and Brazilian National Team and has

challenged Messi to break his record of highest goal. Messi is just 23 yrs and has scored a total of one hundred eighty (180) goals only. After Santos won Copa Libertados cup last wednesday, Pele told that Messi has already achieved more success than him.
Pele also praised Nemar who has started to play from Brazil. Nemar is equiped with talent. I think he can achieve greater success than Messi. 'He will not be such a player who only plays for his club but not for his country', said Pele.

"Messi is below my standard": Pele

He also said that Messi too is talented but he is not of his(Pele's) standard. Messi has done a great job for his club Barcelona but not so much for his country, Argentina. Due to this according to Pele, Messi has to labour hard to get to Pele's standard.

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