Saturday, December 10, 2011

Final Match India vs Afghanistan SAFF Championship 2011

India and Afghanistan are the two fighters who have made up to the final of the SAFF Championship 2011.
India defeated defending champion Maldives in the semi final by 3-1 whereas Afghanistan defeated Nepal by 1-0. These two teams are playing the final match on 11th Dec at
18:00 local time in JLN Stadium, New Delhi.

Let's hope that the better team wins. !!!


  1. The only way for india to win was to cheat.. It was clear for everyone to see.. What kind of pussy they are, still cheering and laughing about the win, wen they know the truth..

  2. This is all because of that pussy refree, he made very wrong decision, it was planned by them and they decided this during the half break. why did they kept an indian refree, even i know that, that pussy refree is from Singapoor but still he is from "Sikh" so difinatly he had work in the favor of the indians.